Friday, January 15, 2016

Anticlastic Copper Bark Bangle Bracelet

Inspired by the powerful beauty of nature, the Anticlastic Copper Bark Bangle Bracelet is a gorgeous piece that is sure to stun no matter how you style it. The bracelet features hand worked markings styled after the natural forms of tree bark. The markings enhance the shine of the piece and add visual texture that adds to the appeal of the bracelet. The slight curve of the bracelet leads the eye around the wrist for a slenderizing effect that makes the arms appear daintier and shapelier.

The Anticlastic Copper Bark Bangle Bracelet is handmade from genuine copper, giving it the pinkish hue of rose gold but keeping its price affordable. The copper has been finished with a protective coating that guards against tarnishing to help the color last for years. The bracelet is 1-1/2 inches in size at its widest point and tapers to 1/2-inch at the ends. The circumference of the piece is 8 inches, a size suitable for a medium to large wrist.

  • 8 inches in circumference.  Tapers from 1 1/2 ninches to 1/2 inches in Width.
  • Fits a medium to large sized wrist
  • Protective coating applied to resist tarnish.
  • Gift Boxed.

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